Transformation | Sunday Message [1.28.24]

Transformation | Sunday Message [1.28.24]

The world throws a lot at us – noise, expectations, and burdens that can weigh us down and dim our inner spark. We chase, we strive, we yearn for something more, but often feel lost in the maze of it all. What if I told you there's a path to rediscovering your true, radiant self, a path bathed in the transformative power of becoming like Christ?

This Sunday, we invite you to step beyond the ordinary and join us for a service unlike any other. It's not just about singing hymns or reciting prayers; it's about embarking on a journey of inner awakening. We'll delve into the life and teachings of Jesus, not as faded stories from a book, but as a vibrant blueprint for transforming our lives.


  • Uncovering the compassion that compels us to reach out to those in need, the same compassion that led Jesus to heal the sick and comfort the downtrodden.
  • Discovering the courage to stand up for what's right, even when it's difficult, just as Jesus challenged unjust powers with unwavering conviction.
  • Finding the forgiveness that releases us from the chains of resentment and bitterness, the same forgiveness that grants freedom and unlocks boundless love.
  • Embracing the joy that radiates from a heart rooted in faith, the joy that Jesus exuded despite facing immense challenges.

This is not just about becoming "gooder"; it's about becoming whole, empowered, and a beacon of light in the world. Through powerful reflections, inspiring music, and heartfelt fellowship, we'll create a space where you can explore these transformative qualities within yourself. You'll be surrounded by a community of fellow seekers, walking the path of Christ together, offering support and encouragement with every step.

See you there!

Sermon Detail
Date: Jan 28, 2024
Category: Serving, Christian Living, Discipleship
Speaker: Devin Hebeisen