The Price is Right | Sunday Message [6.2.24]

The Price is Right | Sunday Message [6.2.24]

The concept of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross holds immense significance within Christianity. At The Journey Church, we approach this topic with reverence during our Sunday worship service.

The idea of a "price" isn't meant to be a literal financial transaction. Instead, it signifies the immense value of Jesus' perfect life offered as a sacrifice. This act allows God to extend forgiveness and restore humanity's relationship with him, demonstrating both justice and mercy.

Our service this Sunday, June 2nd at 10:30 am, will delve deeper into the profound impact of Jesus' sacrifice. We welcome everyone to join us for a meaningful exploration of faith, regardless of background or prior knowledge. Come discover the peace and hope offered through Jesus' love and teachings.

Sermon Detail
Date: Jun 02, 2024
Category: Faith, Grace, Giving, Discipleship
Speaker: Devin Hebeisen