Renovate | Sunday Message [6.23.24]

Renovate | Sunday Message [6.23.24]

Are you looking for a fresh start or a deeper connection with God? This Sunday, June 23rd, The Journey Church's message will focus on Renovation.

We all have areas in our lives where we want to change. The message will explore how encountering Jesus can transform us, just like it did for Saul in the book of Acts. It'll be about letting go of things that hold us back and embracing the new life God offers. This includes: The Initial Transformation (New Birth), Renewing the Mind and Heart, Living Out the New Life, and It's a Journey, Not a Destination.

If you're curious about faith or just want some encouragement on your journey, this is a great message! You can join them online or in person – check out our website for details.

Sermon Detail
Date: Jun 23, 2024
Category: Faith, Serving, Christian Living, Discipleship
Speaker: Devin Hebeisen