Relationship Rehab: Week 2 | Sunday Message [2.11.24]

Relationship Rehab: Week 2 | Sunday Message [2.11.24]

Building upon last week's exploration of healing relationships through Christ's love, this Sunday we delve deeper into putting that love into action.

Remember, forgiveness and understanding are crucial first steps, but true reconciliation requires active efforts. This week, we'll dive into practical ways to demonstrate God's love in our relationships:


    • Moving from forgiveness to reconciliation: Examining concrete steps towards rebuilding trust and communication.
    • The language of love: Exploring powerful words and actions that foster healing and connection.
    • Overcoming obstacles: Addressing challenges like pride, unresolved hurts, and external influences.
    • The power of community: Learning how support from fellow believers strengthens our efforts.

Join us this Sunday and rediscover the joy of restored connections, strengthened by the power of Christ's love.




      Sermon Detail
      Date: Feb 11, 2024
      Category: Grace, Marriage, Christian Living, Relationship, Friendship
      Series: Relationship Rehab
      Speaker: Devin Hebeisen