Relationship Rehab: Week 1 | Sunday Message [2.04.24]

Relationship Rehab: Week 1 | Sunday Message [2.04.24]

This Sunday at The Journey, we embark on a powerful exploration of mending broken relationships. Life brings challenges that strain even the strongest bonds. Sometimes, hurt, anger, or misunderstandings create distance. But fear not, for there is hope! Through the inspiring message, we'll discover how Jesus' teachings can guide us on the path to reconciliation. We'll explore:

    • The transformative power of forgiveness: Letting go of resentment and embracing Christ's model of compassion.
    • Practical steps for healing: Communication, empathy, and seeking forgiveness with an open heart.
    • The role of prayer and community: Drawing strength from God and support from fellow believers on our journey.

      Join us this Sunday and rediscover the joy of restored connections, strengthened by the power of Christ's love.

      Sermon Detail
      Date: Feb 04, 2024
      Category: Grace, Marriage, Christian Living, Relationship
      Series: Relationship Rehab
      Speaker: Devin Hebeisen