Decide to Disciple | Sunday Message [1.21.24]

Decide to Disciple | Sunday Message [1.21.24]

This Sunday, let's gather, not in fear, but in the warm embrace of community. Join us as we explore the most pivotal decision to be a disciple of Jesus.

This is not a summons to blind obedience, but an invitation to a journey with Jesus. To walk alongside the one who redefined kindness, who challenged complacency, who illuminated the path to something far greater than ourselves. Through the tapestry of his teachings, we'll delve into the joys and challenges of discipleship, the transformative power of faith, and the strength found in embracing a life guided by love and compassion.

Let's embark on this exploration together, discovering the depths of our own potential and the transformative beauty of choosing to follow the light. So, open your hearts, open your minds, and step into the sanctuary this Sunday. We await you, not with judgments, but with open arms and the promise of the journey.

Sermon Detail
Date: Jan 21, 2024
Category: Christian Living, Discipleship
Speaker: Devin Hebeisen