Big Questions #2: Why are we here? | Sunday Message [5.19.24]

Big Questions #2: Why are we here? | Sunday Message [5.19.24]

This week we will delve into "why we are here." Here is a taste of what we will talk about:

From a Christian perspective, the question of why we are here has a clear answer: to glorify God and experience a relationship with him.

Here are some key aspects of this belief:

  • Created by God: The Bible teaches that God created humanity out of love, and that we are not accidents or products of chance [e.g. Isaiah 43:7].
  • Glorifying God: Our purpose is to live in a way that reflects God's glory. This means using our talents and abilities to honor him and show appreciation for his creation [e.g. Psalm 139:16, Revelation 4:11].
  • Relationship with God: God desires a relationship with us. Christians believe Jesus' sacrifice allows people to have a reconciled relationship with God [e.g. John 3:16].
  • Eternal Life: This earthly life is seen as a temporary stage. The ultimate fulfillment comes from knowing God in eternity [e.g. Ephesians 1:4].

We can't wait to realize all that God is doing in your life. See you Sunday at 10:30am!

Sermon Detail
Date: May 19, 2024
Category: Faith, Serving, Christian Living, Discipleship
Series: Big Questions
Speaker: Josh Latterell