Relationship Rehab: Week 3 | Sunday Message [2.18.24]

Relationship Rehab: Week 3 | Sunday Message [2.18.24]

This Sunday marks the culmination of our exploration of healing relationships through Christ's love. We've examined forgiveness, explored practical steps, and learned to put love into action. Today, we celebrate the journey's end and focus on the beautiful fruit it bears. Imagine our relationships as gardens nourished by Christ's love. This week, we'll discover:


    • The fruits of reconciliation: Joy, peace, patience, kindness, and so much more!
    • Witnessing God's work: Recognizing how He transforms lives through our efforts.
    • Sharing the gift of forgiveness: Extending this transformative power to others.
    • Overcoming lasting challenges: Finding strength and grace for ongoing struggles.

Remember, the journey doesn't end here. We are called to be continuous vessels of God's love, bringing healing and reconciliation wherever we go.




      Sermon Detail
      Date: Feb 18, 2024
      Category: Grace, Marriage, Christian Living, Relationship, Friendship
      Series: Relationship Rehab
      Speaker: Devin Hebeisen